Sunday, January 20, 2013

Because I've got this kind of time

Well, I've been here for nearly 2 weeks, which I'm told is 14 days. Who knew? because of the anniversary of this, frankly, monumental occasion, I'm going to update my avid fans on what I've been doing at Harlaxton. I may even update you as well.

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This semester, my elective classes are archaeology, and WWII. My archaeology class is not really discussion worthy. I enjoy it immensely, and I find it very interesting, but I have very little stories to tell about it. Due Tuesday however, I have a lecture that is supposed to last the entire class period (50 minutes). So that's going to be fun. My WWII class however is very story worthy. My professor (who is also my seminar lecturer for British Studies) is somewhat of an eccentric. The profanity and the way he calls the Nazis 'bastards' makes it that much more interesting. Every day he gives us 2 or three poster sized maps with troop movement information on them. so during class it looks like a war room.

Just ignore the fact that it appears as though I'm sleeping.....

Yesterday, I went to the city of Cambridge on another of my ill fated adventures. A fellow student and I decided to wonder through the city center and visit all the local science museums. However, the directions we got from the bus driver were not quite right, and before we knew it, we had walked a mile in the wrong direction. In a sick twist of fate, we ended up at the University Library. Running as fast as we could, we headed in the opposite direction. Soon, pure luck and a lack of road signs found us at the natural history museum.

 Because I dont play by the rules, we tried our very hardest to sneak into the biology labs that they had in the same lab as the museum, but since nobody was there on Saturday, and all the doors were locked, we tried in vain.

 The museum had any number of interesting animals, like this giant pheasant.

There were rows and rows of extinct animals.

We then left the museum, and started the search for the museum that was supposed to be right next door. 6 blocks later, we decided that we missed it and turned around. 10 blocks later, we decided we weren't on the right street. An hour later we decided we were useless at directions, and just began to wander randomly around the city. In the process we saw all kinds of interesting things.

We saw this street corner for example, which was named 'corn exchange'. I didnt see any corn or exchanging, which was confusing, but I decided to ignore it.

We also happened across this museum. However, upon going inside, I found that it was full of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art! Acckk. We decided to keep wandering.

While wandering around, we went into several different malls and stores, where we purchased several items, including matching red Cambridge Hoodies.

We also happened across this bridge, which the locals call 'mathematical bridge'. The story is that when it was built, it was held up purely by the laws of physics, with no nails or screws. We quickly decided that was a bunch of bologna when we could see the screws from 20 yards away. Also note how people are out on the river, and how it appears to be freezing cold. Because it was.

At long last, just as we were running out of time, and starting to give up hope, we finally found the museum we were looking for. In a cruel stroke of fate, we soon discovered that the museum was closed on Saturdays. It was an appropriate end to the adventure that we had. 

If nothing else, I can always tell people that I went to Cambridge.
I've got the hoodie to prove it.

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