Wednesday, January 9, 2013

England - Almost Like an Entirely Different Country

Oh! Hello there!
I've been in England for nearly a week now, and I feel it.... prevalent to update those few of you still reading these on my current activities. Chronological order I suppose.

When I arrived here in Harlaxton, I was, of course, immediately taken aback by what people tell me is the majesty of the manor house. Built by.... a man..... some years ago, it serves as a..... something. I don't actually know anything about the building. What I have learned though, is the floor plan is quite complicated. When I finally had a free moment, I decided to explore the ground and familiarize myself with the outside life. However, this was a problem, as I couldn't figure out how to actually leave the manor. Over, what I imagine, has been the last several centuries, many of the doors have become disused or bolted shut. Which means that most hallways and entry rooms no longer serve any useful purpose, other than confusing people like me. Eventually however, I did manage to find a group of people to amble after. They apparently knew where they were going, and I finally made it outside. Soon though, I became bored, so I started the several hour process of finding my way back inside, and back to my room.

I have very little interesting to say about this week, as I don't do anything interesting. I still haven't taken any pictures, because I still don't have a camera. However, tomorrow I leave for London, which they tell me is a city. So I suppose I'll have more exciting adventures and stories to tell.

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