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There aren't any Whales in Wales


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This weekend I spent some time in Llandudno, Wales. If you dont know where that is, I've provided a handy map below where you can zoom in and explore, and learn all sorts of interesting things.

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We started out the journey in Chester, which is not in Wales. Weird. Apparently some important stuff happened with some Romans at some point. I dont know. The upshot of all that is, we stopped at a town that wasnt in Wales, which had a whacking great river running through the center of it. For the extent of this short walk about, my entourage consisted primarily of one person left over from my Scotland trip.

Look at her enjoying the swans. What simple creatures. The swans were pretty cool as well.

In fact, the wildlife in Chester was extraordinary! there were lots of birds and fish and stuff. Well, I assume there were fish. They were under water obviously.

I was particularly curious as to how the owners of those boats got to shore at the end of the day. It seems counter-intuitive to park your boat in the middle of the river.

Here is apparently the only bridge that crosses the river. They are very proud of it for some reason. It's a suspension bridge, which is relatively rare in this part of the world.

The riverside shops and sights were nice. It wasnt that cold, but there werent very many people walking around.

We found a very nice little park, with lots of paths and trees in it. It also had a statue of this man.

While walking into the historic part of town, we stumbled across authentic American.

They did their best to capture the BBQ spirit, but I think they missed the mark a little bit with the flaming rhinoceros.

While walking on the Old Roman wall, we saw a cat sitting in the doorway of a house. several minutes of calling later, it wandered over.

Happy days.

Here is a view of a Roman garden from the wall.

It appears that this house sank down into the rocks. Strange.

This clock was presented to the city by Edward Evans-Lloyd, Citizen and Freeman 1897.

Tea shop

Ever since I started going on these trips, I have been fascinated by the Cathedrals, and this one was no different.

There was a large courtyard in the center, which was completely encircled by these windows. Every single one had a different saint and their corresponding day of the year. click on the photo for a larger view.

While not as large as Lincoln cathedral, the similarities are stunning. Here is a view of the one in Chester,

And here is a photo from Lincoln Cathedral I took several weeks ago.

Here are some more pictures from Chester Cathedral.

Giant organ

Fancy tile work on the floor.

I encourage you to click this photo and look how interesting the artwork is on this ceiling.

An hour or so later on our way back to the coach, the cat was sitting in the exact same position we found it, waiting on its master. How sad.

After a 3 hour coach ride, I arrived at my accommodation for the night! Fancy!

I wasnt feeling that great about my room until I looked out the window.

I had an epic view of the beachfront, and the mountains the other direction..

I decided to walk down to the beach with some friends. I sorta wandered off and was looking at all the sights...

and I really stopped paying attention to the group....

Look! a puppy-dog!

And when I turned around, they had jumped into the freezing ocean water! and before I could roll around on the beach and laugh at the look on their faces, they had sprinted back off to the hotel.

After a good long break, and many comments about how warm and dry I was, we wandered off into the city in search of dinner. We found an Indian place, where I had chicken.

The next morning, we got back on the Coach and headed off for a castle.

There it is!

The inside was even better than the outside.

Dont tell me how to live my life, signs!

I spent several hours climbing on things and taking pictures of the surrounding area.

from the top of the tallest tower, I had spotted a donuts stand! mmmmmmmm..... donuts......

Delicious, nutritious donuts...

the next stop for the day was the Slate Museum. It sounded kinda boring, so I preoccupied myself with taking pictures of sheep.

Until I saw where the museum was. namely alongside a mountain lake.

they are very proud of their slate here.

Instead of going to the museum, we decided to take a hike along the lake. But first, I dazzled my group with my expert rock skipping abilities. When questioned why I was so good, the only response I could muster was 'I had a dull childhood'.

There just seemed to be slate everywhere.

Even the local hospital was really cool.

Ya know, just a walking trail

We take a moment to gaze in wonder before turning around.

The sun appeared for the first time all weekend, so I thought I should record the moment.

A giant 50 foot wall made entirely out of slate fragments.

Eventually, we did spend some time at the museum.

Where I found model trains! yay!

and big trains!

When we went into town for some food, we saw these two fella's running around town.

On the road back to the hotel, we took a pass between some mountains!

spurred on by my fascination of taking photos of wildlife, I found some goats to capture!


Its hard to get a scale of this picture, until you look very closely at the roads on the side of the hill, and how small they are.

When we got back to town, I walked out on the pier, where I met the Stig!

Ship out at sea.

The name of the town we were staying at (see map above)

row of old timey hotels along the beach.

When we walked into town for dinner (italian this time) I took this photo of an old Methodist church.

And White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland.

The next day we headed out for home. On the way, we stopped at Swallow falls. It didnt look much like a swallow.

Dont tell me how to live, signs!

Sad rose, floating in the water.

Dont tell me how to live, signs!

The local town had some nice all day breakfast places, and a train museum! cool!

We finished off the day with some nice ice cream and settled in for the long trip home.

next weekend I'll be going to Bath and Stonehenge. 
so there is that.

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