Friday, March 1, 2013

What a wonderful story...

This last weekend I visited the very clean town of Bath. Also I visited some big rocks at Avebury and Stonehenge. So that sounds exciting!

If you read the whole thing, you'll get a preview of the 'travel comics post' coming up sometime in the next week.

Hit the jump for the whole thing.

This last weekend, I traveled to the luxurious town of Bath. The first stop when we got there was.... the Roman baths obviously. Thats them to the right, and Bath abbey in front.

Apparently there are lots of places to go in this town. Although later I determined that these signs are nearly impossible to decipher, because they dont actually point at the place.

The inside of the entrance-way was nice, but not nearly as cool as outside.

The waters are tinted green through what I assume are many chemicals. Most of which were at one time considered good for you. Now though, if you touch the water they get very mad.

A map!

I spent a good portion of time trying to figure out how to get down to the lower level.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the only picture I took at of this whole batch was the first one. Much like the Scotland trip, my camera was quickly commandeered by the women-folk, because they 'know how to take pictures'. pfft.

View of the abbey from the bath.

Despite my best efforts, it seemed like I was getting farther away from the ground floor.

During my meanderings, I found the museum thing! cool!

This head was on the front gateway originally. And was by far my favorite part of the museum thing.

Look how sad he is, with his snake mustache.

Unfortunately, the person in control of my camera at this point was an.. archaeology major. *shudders* so I have more pictures of rocks than I care to look through. Id attempt to explain them, but I wont.

How boring... and the rock isn't much more exciting.

A glimpse of the baths!

aaaannnd they are gone...

This was the overflow of the hot water springs. There was quite a lot of steam, and I spent a good 15 minutes standing there trying to warm up.

We made it!

Archaeology majors <3 rocks. *shudders*

I had a strong desire to get in.. I dont know if you can see it in this picture, but there is a fine layer of steam laying on top of the water.

It would be helpful to mention I suppose, that its around -100 degrees outside. Probably the reason for the steam coming off the water.

Dont tell me how to live, signs!

Coins in the water.

Bird drinking from the water! Probably a bad life decision.

Our group for the remainder of the trip. *sighs*

At the end of the tour, we took Bath-Water-Shots. It tasted about like you'd expect it to. and it was still warm.

Finally! Time to leave those musty old waters and go instead to a big building.

I've decided I like doors. A majority of pictures of me from this trip are me looking at either doors or windows. I dont know why.

The ceiling was very odd compared to the other building id been in.

Me looking at a window.

Eventually we got bored with being eyed suspiciously by abbey workers, and decided to go get a quick second lunch.

Of course we couldnt find a normal restaurant  and went instead to one with historical significance, and another museum.

Later in the day (round 4), we arrived at our hostel, which at first glance looked good! It wasnt.

We soon grew sick of our shabby accommodations and decided to walk downtown and get dinner.

Dont tell me how to live, signs!

Some government building I think. It was getting quite cold by this point.

Royal Circle and....

the Royal Crescent. Which look a lot less exciting in the dark.

Eventually we settled down in a pub, where I was quite content until I realized there was live music. We stayed until we had finished our meals, and my eardrums could take no more, then we left.

The next day, we wandered across the county to Wells Cathedral. Which was cool.

And quite large.

VERY fancy.

Every Cathedral should have a cat. Maybe one a little less grumpy than this one though.

Me, looking at a door.

I want a clock like that for my room back at Bethanadamy.

Oh, arent we just precious. 

There is just no end to how good at group photography we are.

Well, some better than others I suppose.


Me, looking at windows.

This is my new favorite person. Sophia Goodenough. Presumably with her husband, Richard That'lldo.

After that thrilling adventure, we traveled to another old building!

This one in fact.

Thats not the Abbey, its a tree.

They abbey was a little in disrepair, but still cool.

It was so cool in fact, that it snowed the whole time we were there.

The pictures may make it look like a warm summer day. But it wasnt. It was misery.

The burial of king Arthur. Apparently.

Our somewhat eccentric guide.

Very. VERY cold.

Sorry for the lack of commentary, but I didnt listen at all to the tour. I was too busy freezing to death.

Street art!

Later in the afternoon, (after a filling lunch of some cheese packets) we went to Avebury. Which is a large pile of rocks.

Notice the look on her face. Its because of what are now becoming blizzard conditions.


Most of my companions soon abandoned me to go warm up in the local pub until the bus left.

So, naturally, I joined them.

The next day, we left the noble city of Bath, and made our way to Stonehenge. Which is another pile of big rocks.

I'm not sure what to say about it, so here are some pictures.


Me with the bird!

Dont tell me how to live, signs!

After Stonehenge, we drove a few miles to our last stop.

This town (which I dont remember the name of) had some ducks! and more importantly food.

Dont tell me how to live, signs!

Well, thats it! Not too much excitement in the form of getting lost or being arrested or anything. I'm going to a Rugby match this weekend, and then to the Lake district after that! So look forward to that I guess...

As promised, preview comics!

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