Saturday, April 13, 2013

Evens and Middles

Here is a collection of random pictures from the last 3 months that I couldn't fit anywhere else.

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A month or so ago I went to a Leicester tigers Rugby game, in the town of Leicester.

Capatalism at its finest. Its hard to imagine if NFL teams were sponsored on the same way.

Irish beer and German suasages. Its almost like being back in America.

I have no idea whats happening.

It was sort of a blowout.

On the way out of town however, we saw a familiar sight! well, sort of familiar.

A week later, some nice farmers brought some lambs for us to pet.

They were very cute.

And now some pictures of the manor.

Here is a picture out my window. Notice my refrigeration system. And notice how its snowing in April.

Here is a goose I saw out my window!

Here is a tractor I saw when I went to Sutton Hoo.

More manor stuff.

Here is one of the outside rooms. Its the room in the bottom left corner of the Arial photo above.

Same room, but with me walking outside.

Here is the Italian Gardens


Snow in april....

There is my window from the outside!

Here is the Great Hall, where I walk through every morning on my way to lecture.

Here is the Cedar staircase, that goes somewhere. I'm not sure where. 3rd floor I think.

It goes up there.

Here is the Long Gallery, where my British Studies lecture is on monday/wednesday.

entryway to the long gallery.

My view out the side window during lecture.

View out the back of the classroom.

 I sit in the chair right by the radiator and the speaker.

Here is the State dining room, where my british studies seminar is.

 Here is the ceiling of that room.

So thats an overview of the Manor. This week, I'm doing finals, then going to Italy! If I have wifi or time, I'll try to update on that trip halfway through, as it is a week long, but if not, expect my last post to be around the 29th. Thanks for reading!

As a bonus, here is a video somewhat with no vision made.

At 4:38, there is a timelapse of people walking into the long gallery for lecture. if you look closely, you can see me in my red sweatshirt next to the radiator. Every day I went to class 25 minutes early, so I could have time to unwind and read my book before class started. The time lapse of it makes it seem sort of silly.

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