Thursday, May 9, 2013

When in Italy

Alternate title: Italy, This country brought to you by the fresh taste of Coca-Cola.

City one:
Venice Italy

Here is the strip of land you drive on to reach the island city.

This is sort of what I imagined when I thought of Venice.

However, this is what I was looking at most of the time. Narrow streets and tall buildings. the city was a maze.

However, when you did break into the open, there were some incredible sights.

This is St Marcos plaza, which had some interesting restaurants all around the outside.

The city was full of mask shops and people selling glass.

The grand canal, full of all the different types of ships on the canal.

I spent some time at the Da Vinci museum, which had lots of interactive things to play with!

Now I'm lost and trying to navigate my way back to the hotel.

Eventually I found some people I knew, and led them back to the hotel, since they were lost as well.

I noticed that the entire country was covered in Coca Cola stuff.

The following pictures are from the naval museum in Venice.

This is some military installation port thing that I accidentally walked into while trying to find a museum. they yelled at me.

Here is the hotel I stayed in. I wouldnt recommend it.

Here are some pictures I took out my window on the trip from venice to florence.

In Florence, our hotel was right next to Florence Cathedral, which was this great big building.

Scattered throughout the square were some touristy things and some horses.

Here is a small hill on the edge of town that I climbed to get a good view of the city.

There were lots of neat cars and activities at the top.

The way back down was significantly less hot than the way up.

So much so in fact, that it began to rain.

I went to the following two museums, both of which were closed.

Instead I found this nice park to lounge about in for a while.

Here are the pictures I took out the window between Florence and Rome.

We arrived in Rome fairly late in the day, so we didnt get to see much but a beautiful sunset.

The next day I wandered around looking for ruins. they were easy to come by.

The spanish steps.

A spanish step.

The Popes house.

I went into the vatican museum for these next pictures, and saw lots of cool artwork.

Here is St Peters square, which was super busy.

But all of a sudden, the square emptied.

The spanish steps during the day/

These pictures are from the Roman forum.

We went directly from the Forum into the Colosseum.

For our last night in Rome, we decided to hit up the Hard Rock Cafe.

We spent the last day wandering around looking at the few sights we had missed.

Until it began pouring rain that is.

At the airport in Rome, I saw the Harlem globetrotters, which remind me of home.

Thanks for reading!

In a few weeks, I'll have a best of / looking back on post. so, look forward to that.!

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